Aviation and Telecommunication

  • Advising all legal aspects in relation to aircraft transaction such as lease, finance lease, purchase of aircraft

  • Advising and assisting clients in completion of administrative procedures in Vietnam associated with aircraft transactions

  • Reviewing and/or documenting contractual documents of aircraft transactions and providing legal opinion in terms of Vietnamese laws in respect of the transactions

  • Advising clients in all aspects of Vietnamese laws and policy in relation to deployment of telecommunication projects in Vietnam including licensing procedures, specific permit/approval, tax issues, corporate issues, contractual issues, frequency issues, distribution system, etc

  • Assisting clients in negotiation process with business partner and competent authorities in business deal and projects

  • Advising clients on all legal issues relating to a telecom project and/or transaction in this field

  • Assisting clients in obtaining permit/licenses for doing business in Vietnam in field of telecommunication



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